Spark Mi Up™

The Safe Way to Accurate Measurement

Spark Mi Up, all the measurements you could need. 

This revolutionary new measuring device gives your clients great comfort and a hi-tech experience, while saving you time and guaranteeing the ultimate in measurement accuracy. Your client looks in the mirror wearing their glasses, you simply click and Spark Mi Up captures the image. Spark Mi Up sees the client’s pupils clearly even through dark lenses! 

  • DBL

  • BVD, Panoramic & Pantoscopic tilts

  • Near and far PD

  • FH

  • Frame Box (A, B, ED)

  • Mono PD

SparkMi+ Iso_05.tif


User Guide.

Social Distancing.png

Social Distancing
3m USB cable to allow you to
adhere to social distancing.

Protective masks.png

Protective Masks
Accurate measurements even when wearing a protective mask.

No Contact.png

No Contact 
Adjustable arm enables the patient to easily manoeuvre the mirror.

Online Ordering.png

Online Ordering
Measurements then easily transferred to Shamir Online.