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Shamir Glacier Plus™ Anti-Fog can be applied to 1.53, 1.59 and 1.6 index  in clear, polarised, Transitions or tinted lenses and is suitable for any frame.

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For additional lens protection, we recommend combining Shamir Glacier Plus™ Anti-Fog with one of Shamir's advanced Glacier Plus™ coatings or Power Mirrors on the front surface of the lens.


Glacier Plus™ Anti-fog Coating


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With the outbreak of Covid-19, Shamir Optics has ramped up its production and expanded the range of available materials, making the technology suitable for all types of eye wear and for the general public.


Shamir's innovative Anti-fog technology, originally designed for athletes, uses an integral inner coating on the rear lens surfaces to prevent the build-up of steam on the lens. The coating is permanent, effective and no activation sprays or cloths are needed!

This technology is essential during this time, especially for those who work long hours under the cover of masks and face shields.​​

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Shamir Glacier Plus Anti-fog

Water droplets are adsorbed into a thin smooth layer that does not scatter light – clear vision is maintained. 

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Standard HC and AR Coating

Water droplets accumulate on the coated surface, scattering light and disrupting clear vision.